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Samba & Culture

Samba is much more than just a dance or a music style.  It is a cultural expression that has an extensive history. One that was forbidden, then legalised and encouraged, then frowned upon, then celebrated and marginalised. It is an art form that is originated in the hearts, souls and custumes and traditions of people who were  kidnapped, brought somewhere unknown and enslaved. It is nealry impossible to know everything there is about  samba. Still, I invite you to dive into this rich culturalworld and lean more about it with my Youtube channel.

I suggest starting with the following 3 playlists:

- History of Samba

- Samba & Orixás

- Rio Carnival Essentials

This should give you a great base to start off your own research. The chanel also explains musical and dance aspects of samba, as well as includes many tips for dancers.  Have fun!


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